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The story behind this painting is heart warming.

Those that have struggled with being the new person in a child's Mom's life will understand how special it is when a soon to be step-child finally bonds with you after a rough start.
This happened for a neighbor's son that lives in London. He sent a photo of that special moment to his Mom after telling her what had happened. She loved it so much she commissioned Cookie to paint it and sent the painting to her son's family as a Christmas gift.

Special moments sometimes deserve special treatment. Having a painting of that little snippit of time makes the memory even more special.

Say Hi To Lucy!

She is the four legged, loving companion of Cookie's favorite niece

From time to time Cookie will create a painting that she feels the recipient will appreciate and send it along as a gift.

Her niece loved it!

Childers Canandian Home

Cookie's Dad had many friends that were Snow Birds and had homes up north and in Florida. When The Childers saw some examples of Cookie's work they asked her to paint their lake side home in Canada.

They were impressed with the result and asked for a painting of their Florida home. This painting challenged Cookie to deal with perspectives, symmetry and shadows. Things that hadn't figured in to her usual style of painting.

The Childers were very happy with the result and felt their investment was more than worthwhile.

Childers Florida Home

Cookie has painted many commission pieces that were not recorded in order to put them on this site.

If you would like a painting created of a loved one, beloved pet, home, or just about anything that you have a photo of, send her an email with your name and phone number and a photo that she can use as a reference. She'll give you a call to discuss the particulars and give an estimate for the painting and an approximate time for completion.