Here's A Couple Of Cookie's Rare Pastel Paintings

Tina's Moon has a story behind it.

Until recently Cookie had only dabbled with pastels but remembered her experiences as pleasant.
Soon after posting this completed silhouette on Facebook Norm's youngest daughter, Tina, commented, "I Want! Gimmmie, Gimmie!" on the post.
The original, now named Tina's Moon was sent to her the next day.

This pastel was created for a dear friend of Cookie's that runs an animal shelter in Hayesville, North Carolina called Angel's Retreat Rescue
It depicts a common occurance at Angel's Retreat where a well fed and tired little fur ball has spent it's last bit of energy being cute and has to take a nap.
Rachel at Angel's Retreat can always use donations to keep the facility up and running. If you would like more information please go to: